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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Jeremy Simons:  we're also, the other, there's separate division, much quicker and much more emotional are the civil domestic violence cases, this is not a criminal show, are there are certainly criminal repercussions for battery and assault on spouses and children and things like that. But this are the civil remedies available, we're going to dive on that probably next week or the week after and its a a very serious topic both from when you need to bring it and what you need to do to protect yourself and finally, there's the dependency court and that's where the state come in, shelter this children, and court order this parents to go through a case plan, quasi civil and criminal proceedings and in fact S.E. I want to get in that in a little bit because you and I are working together on buildingfamilies411.com  a charity event up in Pasco County for family partnerships where parents largely out of the dependency court who are abused, neglected or abandoned their children are court ordered to go to the center, can you talked about you participating in that program?

S.E. Day: Yeah its really a worth while cause because when you talk about the way families today are being broken up, the issues that we live within our society today and of course it bleeds into the financial aspect, but when you're talking about the way families, you know the whole idea  of families that I grew up with, mother, father you know children, those family are so destroyed now, you have single parent father, single parent mothers, and the children are the one catching the brunt of this, and when that happens, specially when there's violence in the family, the courts are ordering these family, you know, these people are going through divorces or separations but their children's are suffering, and with Doctor White, when you approach me about Doctor White and in family partnership in the Pasco County, I thought its a great idea to get together, and all they're looking for is a playground.

Jeremy Simons:  I think you put it in a little more broad, couple weeks ago.

S.E. Day: People, we're talking about, ladies bullied on the bus and my heart goes out to that elderly lady who was bullied by the children and she raise over six hundred and fifty thousand (650)dollars .

Jeremy Simons: Right, I remember that story.

S.E. Day: All we're trying to do is get a playground and basically with the center, parents are court ordered to be there so they have to participate and their children are there, and all Doctor White is trying to do is make it a home, a home when they're there to calm, ease some of the tension, and get the children back on track along and with putting their families back together.

Jeremy Simons: Absolutely, and as a family law and contract litigation attorney I lived on those courtrooms weekly, and see this judges ordering the children's there and the destruction it does to the families and family partnerships, is there to rebuild this families and put them back in place, let me suggest if you go to buildingfamilies411.com, there is a donate now button and if I remember we were talking before the show when you said on the charitable events show that we did you had over three thousand(3000) listens within 48hours and then a couple weeks ago in fact I camp in front of my office, from Thursday through Sunday we raised some money, but I posted videos every hours for four hours and we're probably up to about 700 hits on watching in YouTube, and let me suggest if you go to donate now for every person that listen to your show, watch my video, and go to buildingfamilies411.com just donated one dollar, just one dollar, we would have enough money for a custom built playground and so many other services for these families.


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