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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Jeremy Simons: Sure. One of the areas that I'm not quite sure how I got started spending so much time on domestic violence courts but I spend significantly amount of time for a while there averaging one(1) a week between the two west side family law judges, and it is incredibly emotional and I have seen Salvation Army in there, but a lot of times when parties are not represented by an attorney, I going to be the first attorney to recognize that not everybody can afford an attorney and often times in domestic violence cases and some divorces and paternity a lot of people, their only choice to get what they want is to it by themselves. So the first person they talk to is the member of your staff and let me just tell you, I did not prepare for this exactly, just let me tell you, the two(2) or three(3) domestic violence clerks that spend the majority of their time in the domestic violence courts are absolutely wonderful, at times I specifically call for them, I'm not going to name them by names, but they know who they are, and they are probably listening, and if not they are going to listen anyways because you're going to tell them to or I will, when I go in for next week, and they're just wonderful, they're very caring, very sympathetic to the families but they are incredibly organized, and with all the budget cuts and everything, it amazes me, whenever I go up to the clerk's office, I mean every time me personally, everybody's smiling, it's such a comfortable place to be, and I appreciate that, but I want to talk about a little bit about, what other resources, either at the clerks website or at the court house that the clerks office provides to people that want to educate themselves on trying to navigate this maze of the legal system?

Paula O'Neil:  Yes, we have a lot on our website, a lot of the forms are on the website so people can prepare before they come in. We also have the assistance of the Salvation Army on the west side and Sunrise of Pasco on the east side, they have victim advocates. A lot of times they have interns to help as well, and then the sheriff's office is very helpful with victim advocates as well. So we have those resources to use as well as the website, and our team is very patient and very compassionate about helping people get to a better day in their life so we really try to be patient, help them know what steps they need to take to get through their situation and get on to a better day.

Jeremy Simons: and if you could let's plug the Pasco Clerk website, when we come back from our next break, we're going to start talking about you campaign, but tell us about the clerks website, I know I get on it fifteen(15) times a day, and unlike a lot other counties in this state, everybody has free access to court records, official records that are allowed to be on there, and we are not required to pay a service fee to look at this documents, but what other resources are available on the clerks website?

Paula O'Neil:  Well you do a search on civil or criminal records, you can of course do a search on official records and if you want a certified copy of any of that, you can request that online, and that will be sent to you certified, every case types has information. We also have budget documents, and financial documents, a comprehensive annual financial reports for the last five(5) years so you can see where the money has gone in the county and in the clerks office.

Jeremy Simons: And that's all available on the website

Paula O'Neil: Yes it is.

Jeremy Simons: Again this is the Honorable Doctor Paula S. O'Neil, we're going to a break soon, but I invite you to give her a call, ask any questions, she's up for election, and you need to know your candidates, 727-441-3000, toll free, 1-866-826-1340, call in with your questions, she wants your vote, she wants to earn your vote, and you need to ask her what's matter to you most, for me it's family law, for you it might something else, but we are to return here in a few minutes, we're going to talk about your campaign and we're going to wrap it up.


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