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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Announcer: It's time for family law, with Jeremy Simons, to be on the program call toll free 1-866-826-1340 or 727-441-3000, now here's Jeremy Simons.

Jeremy Simons: Welcome! we're here, this is Family Law Radio, base out of Tampa, covering as far north as Pasco and far South as radio wave will carry, my name is Jeremy Simons and we are going to talk about Family Law from now ‘till eternity because its a broad subject, the show is about primarily those legal issues related to families, and what does that means? Well primarily we're going to  talk about, Divorce and all aspect of divorce, and that's very complicated issue, we're going to talk about paternity, that's where children are born from parents who aren't married. We'll be spending a lot of time talking about domestic violence and junctions the legal proceedings related to that and we're going to talked about dependency courts and adoption but you know divorce involves a lot of areas of economic stability, economic decisions, and sitting to my left if you watching on the video stream is S.E. Day, who's the one who I came a radio show a few weeks ago and I said there's a niche for me in that S.E., thank you for coming today.

S.E. Day: Not a problem, thank you for allowing me here.

Jeremy Simons: Well I know you're down in Clearwater at the beach and you took some time away from your great family that I've met to come up and spend a few minutes.

S.E. Day: Not a problem, look, this is your, this is your debut I would rather nowhere else (whispering sshhh the family doesn't hear) hanging with you here.

Jeremy Simons: There's no WIFI at the beach

S.E. Day: Exactly

Jeremy Simons: Couple of rules that we're gonna go over every single family law radio show. The first is when you call in "Do not use Names", "Do not your name", "Your Children's name" " the judges names or your neighbors name" we don't want you to call in and have any legal repercussions for being on the radio, this all get saved, broadcasted and re broadcasted so make up a name let's talked about your issues let just not use specific. Second this is an informational show, I am a family law attorney among other types of law, but I'm not here to give you legal advice, I am here as S.E. Day put it this morning bringing you information that matters most to you family, S.E. Day brings you, brings you matters most to your wallet?

S.E. Day: Absolutely!

Jeremy Simons: And I'm bringing it to your family, but im not advising you, if you want advice to to your family law attorney or you can call me at my office, and we're going to that contact information little bit later, third keep it clean this is "Family Law Radio" keep that in mind we're going to make it kid friendly for all ears, but we are going to talked about some serious topic here. Family law just to define it real quick before we get in to a some of the things how S.E. Day and I have been cooperating and helping families around the area around Tampa bay and up in Pasco. Family is anything really related to families in the court system, uhm, there are generally three different subject matters, there's what we called domestic relations and that's separate division at least in Pasco and Pinellas and Hillsborough where we're dealing with long term dissolution of marriages or we're dealing with paternity cases which deal with a lot of the same issues.

S.E. Day: Absolutely

Jeremy Simons: Dealing with mainly with children but the economic issues as well.

S.E. Day: Yes.


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