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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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S.E. Day: Absolutely! Now Jeremy, one of the things I put out on the show is Doctor White was very gracious and very informative about letting you know that when you donate you can restrict your funding, and I basically put out a cry to don't restrict your funding, please donate five dollars, donate ten dollars, don't restrict it because, she's running a center, and the center needs more than just a playground but that's the push that we're going after, but it needs a lot of things. I actually got a sponsor this week that I'm going to take to Doctor White Furniture By You, and they are looking at donating some furniture for the facility for the kids.

Jeremy Simons:  I'd love to go to that meeting if I'm invited.

S.E. Day: Absolutely!

Jeremy Simons:  That's Excellent!,  All the help we can get to the community, SE what I'm going to do, can you stick for another five minutes? I'm going to a break.

S.E. Day: yeah, absolutely

Jeremy Simons: Then I want to talk a little about you and I have several special guest today.

S.E. Day: Yes you do.

Jeremy Simons: Some are shorter than others, so I'm bringing it out today.

Jeremy Simons: Thanks you very much, We're back, this is family law radio, before we go back to S.E. Day,  host of the wonderful legally steal show, where I hear, its becoming internationally known, he gets call from London, all over the world, all over the country, let just give you a little information real quick, the Family Law Radio Website is FamilyRadio411.com, on there you're going to see pre-show and post-show blogs, you're also going to find a section where you can listen to past show, we're going to start working on getting that podcast up, we're trying to get that done by Monday. Also you're going to see there, I've written over the course of the last 16 months is series of articles on Patch.com you just enter your name and city, then put .Patch.com, for example I live in New Port Richey so I
would go to NewPortRichey.Patch.com, type in my name, Jeremy T. Simons you pull up some of those articles, that's a great website for all your hyper local news affecting your neighborhood, and if you go to my website, you'll see those articles on there. So I have a very special guest on my right, this is my daughter, and she has a question for S.E. Day, it's a surprise question, but before we go to that, S.E. tell me a little bit more, now I'm familiar with your radio show, I've been listening to your show ever since, you have my good friend Patrick Kimmins on.

S.E. Day: wow that's been awhile.

Jeremy Simons: Exactly, long time listener, first time caller right? He was talking about Lemon Laws, and vehicles. And your background in the car industry. But this radio show is not all that you do.

S.E. Day: No.

Jeremy Simons:  And I rarely hear you talk about the other things you do on your radio show, but I think they're important. You're an author, you're a professional public speaker, and you've work diligently against great corporate partners.

S.E. Day: Yes.

Jeremy Simons: Tell the audience a little about that.


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