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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Jeremy Simons: S.E. before we go to our next break, tell me about your corporate sponsor, and tell me what's coming up next week on your show, your show airs on blogtalkradio 1340-AM and 1350-AM and you can find the live stream at tantalk1340.com. It got the live video that you can see right here. He also have, puts the video up on its own separate and they are wonderful videos and in fact I have his show up on my website.

S.E. Day: And  that's good rate to be reciprocated.

Jeremy Simons: Absolutely!

S.E. Day: Not a Problem.

Jeremy Simons: Tell us about some of you're corporate sponsor and tell us what's coming up.

S.E. Day: Corporate sponsor, we are with Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair, there are sixteen bay area locations, and they are all over the place, so in five(5) Counties, they're great, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union, our corporate sponsorship are growing, if you're interested, and  I did a recording yesterday Jeremy about, "Let My Voice Work for Your Business", we like being advocate for our corporate sponsors, we don't call them sponsors, we call them strategic partner.

Jeremy Simons: I like that better.

S.E. Day: Yeah. They are our strategic marketing partners and we believe in lending our voice to help their business grow. Shows, coming up next week's show we're going to be working on of course we're going to finalize our charitable week for the month, and we're talking more about buildingfamilies411 and pushing  the web site, we want donations, we want donations, and of course next week is the event birthday bash, where she's donating to two wonderful charities in the Hillsborough county area, one in a million and friends of Joshua House.

Jeremy Simons:  Excellent, and I know you've supporting both of those charities.

S.E. Day: Absolutely.

Jeremy Simons: S.E. I would like to thank you for coming on.

S.E. Day: Not a Problem

Jeremy Simons: Tell every body again how can they get in touch with you, how they can email you.

S.E. Day: You can always send us an email at theshow@legallysteal.com or go to our website legallystealshow.com telephone number 813-379-7248. And Jeremy thank you for having me in and any time, any time you want to have an issue and I'm sure one of these things we're going to collaborate with each other.

Jeremy Simons: I hope so.

S.E. Day: Any time. Just let me know I'm going to be here.

Jeremy Simons:  S.E. thanks for coming by, we're going to a break a little bit early if that's alright and next that's coming up is going to be the honorable Doctor Paula O'Neil, Clerk of Court for Pasco County.


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