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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Jeremy Simons: I wish you the best in your campaign and I believe it's highly successful from a visibility perspective and I will personally say that her office has been fantastic as a practicing attorney I rely on the clerk's office immensely. If the clerks' office is not functioning correctly I loose clients, I loose money, I would go out of business, I don't know, if the listening world or public realizes how critical it is to your attorney to run your case, if the clerks' office is not functioning correctly, and they help us speed up our cases, make things manageable, and in fact when I have cases, I'd call up get somebody knowledgeable and help represent my clients and I get to take all the credit, which is great and then I get to thanks the clerks' office as I'm doing now and to all your staff and your employees and specially to your self and anything I can continue do to help with your campaign you have my phone number you have my email and now everybody else knows where to find you, and that's going to be great. So as we wrap out, next week we are going to have the Honorable Judge Jack Day who is six(6)circuit court judge, he is presently base out Pinellas. He sit's in the dependencies. He's going to talk about his campaign, and some family law issues, followed by the week after that, with Scott Swope, who is running for sheriff. And after that we are going to have Kimberly Campbell who is running for a position for Circuit Judge. Why this election matters to your family law? Because the people in the clerks office and the the judges you elect, they are the one that process, your cases, they are the ones who rule on your, the merit of your case, the judges are the one that determine who gets the time sharing, used to call custody, we are going over this a lot over the years, used to be called custody now time sharing, the quicker that the clerks' office can help assist and the better educated you are on who your elected official affecting your family law world the better your case is going to be and the better your attorney will be able to advice you. Again, this is Family Law Radio hosted by Jeremy T. Simons , my email is jts@simonslawfirm.com, the family law radio website is familyradio411.com, you will find shows, you will find blogs, you will find my patch, articles dealing with family law, email me at any time, and we are looking forward at seeing you next week. Thank you to Doctor Paula S. O'Neil,  thank you to S.E. Day, thank you to my little minions who stepped in and ask some questions to day, thank you guys. We will catch you next week 3PM, 1340 AM and 1350 AM streaming live tantalk1340.com. Signing off, this is Family Law Radio


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