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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Jeremy Simons: Welcome back, this is Jeremy Simons, host of the Family Law Radio Show, as you can see, if you're watching on video, I have two new guests with me, to my right is my son who have a question for my very special guest sitting on my left, I'm going to introduce by her official formal title name which she doesn't like me calling her, but we're just going to do anyway, this Honorable Doctor Paula S. O'Neil, the Clerk and Comptroller for Pasco County Florida, please introduce yourself.

Paula O'Neil: Good afternoon Jeremy thank you very much, please call me Paula.

Jeremy Simons: Absolutely, and for the voters out there, her sign say Paula S. O'Neil which all around Pasco County and some very prominent spots, and I sent you an email the other day hoping to get some signs, I know you have an abundance of them, I know the one's with your face on there in short supply, but I would like to get one of those. What is your official position?

Paula O'Neil: Clerk of the Circuit Court in County Comptroller.

Jeremy Simons: And Jayson has a question, a quick question for you.

Jason: Doctor O'Neil, what's a comptroller?

Paula O'Neil: Well that's a good question, comptroller is the person that's in charge of the money for the county, so that's one of the three duties of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in County Comptroller. The county takes in taxes of a billion dollars and the comptroller is in charge of paying the bills for the county and auditing.

Jeremy Simons: So you balance the check book?

Paula O'Neil: I do.

Jeremy Simons: Now I know you primarily, because I'm at the court house a lot, I know you primarily as the chief clerk, I'm going to call you chief clerk, you're the boss of all the clerk when I go to the court house, I need assistance or need to get some filed or recorded, and looking at the monitors in the court court house and there you are. So I would like to spend our time, most of our time today, talking about your duties as a clerk of court, I
believe, am I correct that the clerk and Comptroller duties merge recently?

Paula O'Neil: No, they were not identified by the former clerk, there are 60 of 67 clerks that also have the comptroller responsibilities, so  there's a movement across the state to recognize the comptroller duties as well as the clerk duties. The duties are really threefold, besides being the clerk at the county and circuit courts, the clerk is in charge of the official records and controller in Pasco County.

Jeremy Simons: Okay. And How many employees or Government employees work with you, under you, for you, with the clerk's office?

Paula O'Neil:  We have over 300 right now, now when I took off, when I was elected we have over 400.

Jeremy Simons:  So there's some substantial cuts?

Paula O'Neil: Yes, we've cut over a hundred.

Jeremy Simons: We're going to talked about that a little bit more. But I want to start of letting people to get to know you a little bit better.

Paula O'Neil: Okay.


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