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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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S.E. Day: Yes, I am an author, actually second time removed, I'm working on my third book, and you're right, on the show I try to keep the show centered around, the issues that matters most people's wallet, but, I'm a professional negotiator, been negotiating for more than 20 years a have a passion for law, never stepped into the arena, but, wished I had, not too late. I do public speaking and I talk about sales and negotiations, leadership strategies, strategic partnership, on how to build business. I'm also a pro small business champion, I love small businesses and I love what they stand for and entrepreneurs and try to help they build and grow their businesses. And we are working on next year and it's called For Small Businesses Only, it's a cruise that we're going to do, it's going to be geared towards getting those small businesses A Paydex Score and building up a business credit along side their personal credit.

Jeremy Simons: Excellent!

S.E. Day:  And just recently, as a matter of fact I closed a big deal with Grow Financial Federal Credit Union and you'll be seeing my face all over the place with Grow, because I'm a credit union advocate, I have strong background in credit unions and I love credit unions, so banks are really not my friends and I talk credit union, so that's just a little of the stuffs, you can always go to LegallyStealShow.com or Google me S E Day and you'll see some of the things that we have going on.

Jeremy Simons:  And the Facebook page I find informative as well. I'm a follower of the Facebook page, and you what, why does S.E. Day consumer advocacy matter to a family law radio show? Well, I'll tell you, one half of most divorces deal with the distribution and re-establishment of your financial position. When you have two income supporting one family, it's a completely different financial position, and when you break into two separate families, vehicles, loans, all have to be re-negotiated, new banks, new bank account, 401(k) is retirement, pensions all of that, so S.E. Day, I hope is going to be a regular at least calling in.

S.E. Day: Oh! Absolutely!

Jeremy Simons: I'm not going to ask you to stay at Clearwater beach all the time.

S.E. Day: I have no problem with that.

Jeremy Simons:  Before we go to your corporate sponsors, and get on our very special guest, Dr. Paula O'Neil. Sydney has a financial question for you that she's been waiting to ask you, and I have not told what it is.

S.E. Day: I have no idea what the question is.

Jeremy Simons: Alright Sydney you're up.

S.E. Day: You're up.

Sydney:  Can I get my own bank account when I'm 6 years old?

S.E. Day: Can you get you're own bank account when you're 6 years old? yes you can. How ever, there's some stipulation to it, because you are not 18 you're 6, beautiful 6 years old. You're head strong, you're smart, but you have to have mommy or daddy, sign on to that account with you, they're going to be you're  guardian for your account, but yes you can walk into the bank, you can take your money, you know when dad gives you the allowance, you can take your money into the bank and say "I'd like to make deposit into my account", mommy or daddy will be there with you, but yes you can, and get it to a credit union.

Jeremy Simons:  What do you say on Monday we go to Grow financial and we'll get you a bank account?


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