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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Jeremy Simons: Welcome back, this is Jeremy Simons, this is family law radio, the first ever family law radio and we have tons of topics and it will last us until eternity, but today we're concentrating on, the introduction and my very special guest,  Paula, where I've been ask to call her Paula but she is the Honorable Doctor Paula S. O'Neil elected official Clerk of the Court for Pasco County and its an election year for you.

Paula O'Neil: Yes it is!

Jeremy Simons: And it's one of those election years, where you just, where you have somebody wants your job, is that right?

Paula O'Neil: Yes it is.

Jeremy Simons: As a litigation attorney I obviously have most of my contact information and knowledge's about the judiciary and those election processes, and who's sitting on what bench, who's shifting around here there, and that's all court administration and but they don't run on political affiliations. Is your position as the clerk, I'm just going to keep it calling clerk of court, I know its three(3) areas but to me it's clerk, is your campaign politically affiliated?

Paula O'Neil: Yes it is. All of the constitutional officers have political affiliations, I'm republican, however I represent everyone as the clerk. So when people come in to the office I don't their political affiliation, it's just to get elected, everyone has to choose a political affiliation, and I have chosen republican, I have been a republican for a long time.

Jeremy Simons: So let's talk about your campaign. First I would like to talk about your qualifications, to be re-elected and then we are going to talk about your goals for the future, specially considering there is certainly a suggestion that this budget cuts and challenges are going to continue. So first tell us why you are qualified to be not only our current but certainly our next clerk of court?


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