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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Paula O'Neil: Well thank you. I am the only candidate with experience in the justice system and I have work for Pasco County in one position or another for twenty five (25) years as working for the county for fifteen(15) years and then six(6) for the clerk and then I have been elected now for almost four(4) years. And experience is key, now we have an award winning office, we most recently, we we're recognized by the National Association of Counties with an achievement award and the Government Financer Association with a distinguish budget presentation award, and those recognized transparency and accountability and we have tried to be open with the public to make sure they know where their money is going and to us integrity is the most important. We watch your record, your court records, your official records and your financial records, so integrity is at the highest of all our values, and it is very important to us, I have advance degrees, I worked in a leadership for a long time, and we are moving  from a 1977 court case system to the next generation software. And that's a process sets  very long relisted, going electronic in different areas and about 2001, most recently, we have done electronic foreclosures and electronic recording, we have been e-filing since 2004, So we have a lot of areas, that are in the electronic world, but in a billion dollar organization with multiple different areas of responsibility it's just very complicated.

Jeremy Simons: And I'm looking at some of your credentials here, couple that stick out specifically to me, 2009 Service award for the domestic violence task force, that's domestic violence cases are  near and dear to my heart, 2009 best place to work.

Paula O'Neil: Yes.

Jeremy Simons: Tell us about that.

Paula O'Neil: That was awarded to the office in 2009, because of the way we treat our employees and the career opportunities that are there.

Jeremy Simons: And we have the leadership Pasco class of 2012.

Paula O'Neil: It's 2002, second to none

Jeremy Simons: Oh 2002.Then I see you're also, are you in present _____ professor?

Paula O'Neil: I am, I teach at Saint Leo University, I thought in the spring, I'm not teaching right now or in the fall because of the campaign, but I
enjoyed, I
thought in Master's Program Organizational Behavior, and it was Saturdays in the afternoon.

Jeremy Simons: Let's spend a few minutes telling the listening audience, and those that are going to catch up later in the podcast. Where can they find you? Where do you give speeches? And I love your traveling billboard van.

Paula O'Neil: Yes, indeed mobile advertising is great supporter and they have been advertising several nights a week, they have their big van out with adds on it, and I appreciate the opportunity to advertise with them.

Jeremy Simons: And it's a big Van, it really is big. Where can people find you coming up between now and let us say now and mid august?

Paula O'Neil: On Thursday July 26th we have an event, It's Pictionary with Paula at Wesley Chapel Nissan Dealership and that will be from 5:30 to 7:00 PM, that will be a lot  of fun, and our website is www.paulaforpascoclerk.com.

Jeremy Simons: And how can people get directly in touch with your campaign to ask you specific question that may affect their personal lives?

Paula O'Neil: Yes, they can email through the website www.paulaforpascoclerk.com, they can call me at 727-271-5776, and I would love to filled any questions people have.


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