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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Jeremy Simons: And now for bringing you at the show, I'm officially endorsing you.

Paula O'Neil: Oh thank you, thank you very much.

Jeremy Simons: And I'm sure you have a lot of other official endorsement, a lot
 of the attorneys that I
have spent time with around town, that I cases against or with have your campaign cards and everything, any other official endorsement that you would like to tell the audience about?

Paula O'Neil: Well Pam Bondi endorse my campaign. Jeff Atwater, Chief Financial Officer also endorse my campaign, as well as Bob Dillinger the Public Defender and Bernie McCabe the State attorney, and  I think those two(2) alone are critical because they on both sides of the court room, and for them to support the incumbent clerk means a lot. We provide information to them everyday all day long, because you know courts is in session everyday, seven days a week, we have advisories everyday, if someone is arrested within 24hours, they are guaranteed a hearing, so we have even on Christmas day, on Easter day, we have people on court, so to have the endorsement of Bernie McCabe and Bob Dillinger means a lot to me.

Jeremy Simons: and I've been to the Saturday morning 8 o'clock advisory that I got the call on 10:30 on Friday night, I have been there and court houses are open and operating. For another couple of minutes, I have been working not as fast as I would have hoped, but I have been working on developing a self-help center through the cooperation of the clerk's office and I would like to thank you for throwing your support behind it and and we are finishing up some of the contracts and what the program is design to do through the cooperation and organizational skills of the clerks office, to provide free legal advise and fifteen(15) minutes increment, Oh, I'm sorry it's not free, it's dollar-a-minute at the court house where you seek the legal advise of an attorney and also developing other resources and the organization I believe will be through the clerks office and we are finishing some details with the West Pasco Bar Association, I have a meeting with the high ranking member in Wednesday that I'm excited about and get the contracts approved and I will certainly volunteering, well actually not volunteering, attorneys do get some financial benefits, but this program will allow people not represented by an attorney to seek limited legal advice.

Paula O'Neil: It will be a big help to us Jeremy, because we have a lot of people come to the counter and they are frustrated because they don't know what to do and we cant give legal advise, so it would be great for us to be able to say, "With fifteen(15) dollars, you can sit in with an attorney for fifteen minutes here in the court house and get some good qualified information" because the attorneys are the experts on the law. So it would be a great benefit to the clerk's office.

Jeremy Simons: And we are trying to get this program rolled out sometime in august and I think we are pretty close to getting that  done and I appreciate your cooperation with that, and Doctor O'Neil I greatly appreciate you coming on the show with me today.

Paula O'Neil: Thank you very much, I appreciate the opportunity.


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