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14 July 2012

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14 July 2012
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Paula O'Neil: Well, we've reorganized in house a lot, we have cut out anything that was not really necessary, so we really got down into the requirements, now you will see a big difference in civil before criminal, because criminal court has strict guidelines so due processes guaranteed. So we have to handle our criminal cases before we can look at the civil cases, so the biggest impact is going to be felt in the civil area.

Jeremy Simons: And for the listening audience, there are, when you walk into a court house and you have a dispute, there are many different types of courts and judges sitting in many different capacities, there is misdemeanor criminal court, there's traffic court, there's drug court, there's dependency court, there's family law, there's domestic violence, there's probate court, what else Am I missing?

Paula O'Neil: Well they are divided into ten different cases, I'm not sure if you said juvenile delinquency, or dependency, but  they're identified in ten(10) different areas.

Jeremy Simons: and since this is a family law radio show, do you know approximately, what percentage of case filings, and by the way, family law cases whether domestic violence, divorce or paternity fall on the civil subsection, there is criminalism major subject matter, civilism major subject matter, and family technically fall on the civil, what percentage of the civil filings? There's a significant amount of the filings are for family dispute, is that accurate?

Paula O'Neil: Yes. I don't know the percentages, I'm sorry I did not bring that. Those facts are biggest are is traffic, and some of those are in and out within ninety(90) days, but other than that, but civil is very busy, very time consuming, because it's the biggest variety of cases that we get.

Jeremy Simons: And in the family law in fact, the Tallahassee, continues to cut your budget and make it more difficult on you staff, for example, recently there are new privacy guidelines for filings in domestic relation cases and regular civil cases, but where your clerk's office has to go through and look each at file and at records management building to figure out what is confidential and what is not, the domestic violence filings, I find this to be very unique on the clerk's duties because the staff you specifically provide at the clerk or court can provide guidance to individuals who are filing for domestic violence conjunction, it's not legal advice, but not like other filings, the state legislature specifically required your staff to provide guidance to this people, and how does it increase? Do you don't have any special trainings? Any programs? How have you trained your staff to deal with this increase requirements?

Paula O'Neil:  It is a lot to get to your first topic, the sensitive information, we are required to block nineteen(19) different items on every court document, Social security numbers, bank numbers, all of those things are required, they have been required, some of them have been required to be block for official records for a long time, but now they are required to be block from court records. So it is the obligation of the attorney to try to block or identified that before it comes to us, but we also have to take a pass at that. Now the old documents, when people request old cases, we to to that entirely to make sure and that's just the waiting time for our customers because it's not readily available, because we do have to make that sensitive information is blocked. The second question about helping people with domestic violence conjunction paper work, we do train our staff but we have very good assistance from the Salvation Army, Domestic Violence Center and also from Sunrise of Pasco Domestic Violence Awareness, they are very helpful to us, they come into the court houses and help our customers with filling up paperwork, and identifying and really trying to help them, because it's pretty emotional, it's nice for them to be able to help them look at facts as they go through the paper work and try to filter out facts from their emotions. So we have a lot of assistance for that.


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